N5030.COM The Dell Inspiron N5030 AND M5030 are one of the most notorious systems to have power issues.  We are dedicating this web site specifically to unlucky owners of M5030 N5030 dell inspiron laptops who were unfortunate enough to own one of these models.   On this web site we try to explain what the problems are and what are some of the solutions.

1) The most common problem for this laptop is for the Laptop Charger to have the light go out right after you plug it into the laptop.  Basically the laptop won't accept the power from the power adapter because you have a shortage on the motherboard.   To verify that you have this issue, unlpug your power supply from the laptop, unplug it from the wall, plug the charger into the wall see if you get a green light on your power supply, keep your eyes on that green light on your power supply/power adapter/charger while plugging it into the laptop, once you plug your charger into your laptop you should see the green light going off on the power adapter.  That indicates it is a shortage on the motherboard. 

  • Total for the repair is $100, return shipping is included in $100.  Simply pack up your laptop, enclose a check for $100 made out to Applicasoft and ship it over to the address below.  Once we receive it the laptop will be out of here within 24 hours. 
  • If you are in Chicago-land stop by and we will fix it within 1.5 hours. 

2) Second common problem with these laptops is the charging port / jack / connector / socket / receptacle / input on the laptop itself breaks down due to too much stress caused by the plug / tip of your adapter.  

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We are the largest laptop repair company in the Chicago land area.   We are the largest power jack / connector repair service in the World, the oldest and most experienced. 

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Pictures of the dc jack replaced on n5030 M5030 dell inspiron could be found here.:


For the list of some laptops that we worked on please refer to: http://www.powerjackrepair.org/examples.html